Reopening After A Disaster

Choose Safe Places: Post-Disaster Assessments


Choose Safe Places for Early Care and Education is a program administered by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to make sure that early care and education programs are located in safe places – so that children are not exposed to dangerous chemicals and other environmental contaminants during their care. Choose Safe Places for Early Care and Education encourages better choices about where to locate these programs.

After a disaster like a hurricane, the environment can change drastically. Some of these changes can lead to the migration of harmful substances such as chemicals and cause environmental hazards that were not present in the first place. This can complicate decisions about whether it is safe to reopen an early care and education facility following a disaster.

The Post Disaster Self Assessment Form is a guidance document that has been created for early care and education professionals to use as a guide - to help aid the decision making process regarding reopening of facilities and programs post-disaster.

We are currently seeking feedback on this new tool from early childhood professionals. This online module will provide an introduction and overview of the Post Disaster Self Assessment Form - and offer an opportunity to provide feedback on the usefulness and utility of the form.

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